Each month we are excited to bring you marketing ideas to implement in your pharmacy. These ideas are low cost, and easy to add to your overall market strategy.

July is Healthy Vision Month! Did you know over 13% of Americans wear OTC eyeglasses and over half of sunglasses users regularly use two or more pairs?* Commemorate the month by creating a OTC eyecare display, complete with eyedrops, eyeglass cases, and readers, of course! Offer a BOGO or make a special celebratory sign to draw more attention to the display.
The 2024 Olympics begin at the end of the month in Paris! Instead of packing up your Fourth of July display, transform it into a display of Olympics watch-party essentials! Keep out all your flags and sparklers, just add some snacks and you're all set! If you feel so inclined, add any sports equipment to the display as well.
School is out and parents need to entertain the kids! Dedicate an endcap to all things activities to keep the kiddos occupied during the weeks between school and camp. Coloring books, crayons, beach toys, just make sure you put the most enticing goodies within reach for little ones!
Did you know that July 28th is World Hepatitis Day? Keep your patrons informed by displaying pamphlets or an infographic about hepatitis and encourage them to stay up to date on their vaccinations!

*According to The Vision Council’s December 2021 Vision and Frame reports.