Administrative Team

Jacob Paskes


Joel Mittelman


Avraham (Avi) Yacobi

Executive Scientific Advisor

Avi Maidenberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Johnson

National Director of Sales

Marsha H. Johnson

Sales Manager

Amit Rahman

Systems and Logistics Manager

Shayna Prupis

Office and Compliance Manager

Naama Jules

Pedigree and Compliance Associate Manager

Manny Greenes

Data and Analytics Manager

Laura Towns

Director of Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing

David Sosowsky

Purchasing Manager

Mark Snyder

Procurement Manager

Tania Gitlin

Accounts Payable Manager

Jaime Goldschmidt

Accounts Payable Associate Manager

Patricia Hernandez

Accounts Receivable Manager

Joyce Asante

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Connie Maksel

HR Coordinator

Aaron Schools

Procurement Coordinator

Sruly Rottenberg

Warehouse Manager

Esther Petersen

Administrative Assistant